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Multi Cooker & Steamer

Use as a slow cooker or standard cooker whilst unlocking the ability to steam food at the same time. Integrating steam with convection – cooking will become your best friend.
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Slow cooker and standard cooker settings

Included steamer tray 

Non-stick pot for easy cleaning 

Removable glass lid 


VARIETY OF COOKING METHODS -  Choose to slow cook, standard cook and whether to steam at the same time –your cooking opportunities are endless 


MULTI-LEVEL COOKING – Easily steam, and slow cook vegetables in the upper tray whilst cooking below. 


KEEP WARM FUNCTION – Pre make your meals and keep them warm, perfect for those with busy lifestyles. 

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Specification SKU: JF07591000 / • Colour: White exterior with stainless steel and black detailing / Rated voltage - 220-240V / Rated frequency - 50-60Hz / Rated power - 900W / Capacity - 2.2L / Product Weight: 3.5KG / Product Dimensions: 35cm x 31cm x 29cm (H x L x W) / Steamer Basket: 8cm x 25cm x 25cm (H x L x W) / Cooking Pot: 14cm x 23cm x 23cm (H x L x W) / Lid: 25cm / Cup: 100ml / Spoon: 20cm / Power Cord: 1.25m
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